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Group Info Group Founded 3 Years ago Statistics 967 Members
33,556 Pageviews864 Watchers


[!] To join us:

- Click on 'Join this group'
- Write a reason, if it's possible, why you want to take part.
- Then, don't worry.
Actually the request is not automatically approved,
but everyone who makes significant art
and have two of three positive votes,
will be welcome as soon as the admin staff accepts.
(: So be patient, please.

[!] Requests accepted/denied and reasons why:

- It's possible that your member request is accepted, as it can be denied.
- Considered parameters for accepting:
1) a consistent amount of works in your gallery
2) a good general quality of works (technically as aesthetically)
3) your gallery/artworks do have to fit our rules, standards and aims
4) because of 2 and 3, yes, we of course decide also considering a personal taste
(!) so, if your request is going to be denied. Please, don't take offence We're here just trying to focus on good and significant
(= interesting and sensible) art.
Not being a member of this group doesn't mean ANYTHING.

[!] To submit your significant art:

- First of all, try to give your best.
- The limit of submissions is 3 per week.
- Please, submit directly to the respective folder = category.
- DON'T submit to the generic folder 'Featured', for now.
- This is not a group for only photographers.
- Pornography, racism and violence are not accepted
- If you submit a photomanipulation or an other digital work,
you must credit the used resources in the description.

[!] To add a favourite:

- The folder will collect works of other deviants
who are not members of the group.

- Every member can suggest favourites to the group.
- Please, don't submit your own works.
They're destinated ONLY to the gallery.
- Please suggest works considering the group's aim
about 'creations with a meaning'.
- In the case the person who's the author of the favourite
joins the group, the favourite will be deleted to allow
that person to submit directly to the group gallery.
- The favourites are not automatically approved by the group.
The founder will have a look to them before
and will confirm your request.

[!] To promote the group:

- You're not obliged to expose the name or the link of the group.
- To allow the group to grow, you could signal us to your friends
and watches, but serenely.

Gallery Folders

Generic, Spontaneous and Other Portraits.
Macro and Still Life.
DeviantID. That's what we are.
1st Contest - The Sense of Life.
Well, going around the group I noticed that
there's still a bit of confusion in submitting artworks to folders. :confused:
I periodically check them and order, if possible,
but this thing made me think about some kind of improvements.

My doubt is that in this way we could easily lose the aim we have.
To create a place for works that really mean and express something
because they have an idea, a thought or a concept behind.

If things go in this way it could become a loss of time being here.
So it's important for us to see if things could really go better or it's time to think about closing.

How can we make this group more efficient? :la:

I was personally thinking about two main interventions:

- Reduce the number of the folders to just two or maybe three main folders
- Focusing only on deep and powerful works.

[!] In this way ...
- some more 'aesthetical categories' of works could be suddently denied in this group
- similar works could be selected in a more limited way
- works that apparently seem to be just random/tourist/experimenting/only-composition-exercises shots could be denied.

Do you have a great idea to improve? :la:

Please, leave a comment.

Do you think it's a good idea to close?
I'm not really considering this idea for now because of the constant increasing of the members,
but it could be possible if there's no response by the members.

What I'm trying to say is just that:
there are too many groups in deviantART and people unfortunatly started to use them just to submit without any limits.
Here we are with a 3 per weeks limitation and a lot of members but also confusion and random submitting.
If things don't work and significant works are going to be missed in a lot of randomly submitted works,
maybe it's time to close! :(

I hope to see what you think and if you approve my two-points plan or have better suggestions to do :)
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:la:  Feel free to visit and take part to these very interesting groups...

Group Info

Maybe no one will support us,
or maybe we will find an approvation among
deviantART members so significative to be like a family.
We're here to promote art.
Just one condition: to give meaning of what you do.
We're here to support the work of those members
who still make art with a concept, an idea, a meaning behind.
Founded 3 Years ago
Sep 6, 2010


Group Focus
Art Creation

967 Members
864 Watchers
33,556 Pageviews
Daily Pageviews


      [!] For requests, informations and questions, please write a note to the group.

[!] Searching for new, active contributors! :P
If you're interested, please write us a note or a comment here below :)







Add a Comment:
Morphine-Cloud Jan 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
It's ALWAYS impossible for me to submit here.
everypathtonowhere Jan 27, 2013  Student Photographer
This is really strange.
I've always tried to invite you...
:( I don't know what to think...
Submissions are opened and people recently submitted something..
Morphine-Cloud Jan 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Well they're not opened to me it seems ='(
everypathtonowhere Jan 28, 2013  Student Photographer
:( No, I've checked. Can it be possible that you've blocked submissions to groups in some ways?
(2 Replies)
ShilohsArts Dec 13, 2012  Professional Writer
how long before I will find out whether I am accepted as a member of your group, or not.
I know I didn't donate a lot of points, but that's because I don't have a lot of points. If this
is going to come down to my begging, guess what?
everypathtonowhere Dec 13, 2012  Student Photographer
Why are you talking about donating points?
Why are you talking about begging?
We've never request anything to our members!

To become a member is just needed to submit your request and be patient.
It could be possible to become or not.
It depends on 3 staff votes.
If you obtain 2 positive votes, you're automatically a member.
If this don't happen, I'm sorry but you aren't.

So, there's a little team of people that check and vote the requests,
it's normal to wait for a lot /not so much time, anyway/
because everyone has a single and personal life, and could be busy for some reasons, of course.
You can easily find out if you're a member or not, keeping the request in your messages section,
and seeing if it's been accepted or not. Just it.

Anyway, these are all things written in rules, shown in our homepage, and not so difficult to find.
And it's written too, that at the moment we just accept 'visual poetry' and not normal, written poetry.
This is not for madness, but just because we've never received a consistent request of poetry submissions until now...

So I can say we're currently more centred on visual arts, in their different kinds.
And this could be probably the reason of the declining of your submission. I'm sorry.

That's all. But please, don't talk about donations that we've never asked you.
ShilohsArts Dec 13, 2012  Professional Writer
I did donate points to your group. There is a thing on
your groups front page to donate. I would not give you
permission to go near my poems. I would only submit my
photography. Checking my gallery or scrolling to the bottom
of my profile page would have shown you that. Don't go flying
off the handle at me, all I was doing was inquiring about
how long it takes to find out, that's all. Wow man. And I did donate
20 points, not because you asked for them, but because I thought it would be nice
to give back at least a little. That's all. I may have been a little impatient in waiting 3 or 4
days and thinking I should check in, but that's all I was doing. I'm sorry.
My Photography is visual poetry. As for my writing, I won't submit
that to any group, only publishers. Guess I can count myself out of your group.
everypathtonowhere Dec 13, 2012  Student Photographer
Maybe it's not so clear but when I wrote about

'To become a member is just needed to submit your request and be patient.
It could be possible to become or not.
It depends on 3 staff votes.
If you obtain 2 positive votes, you're automatically a member.
If this don't happen, I'm sorry but you aren't.'

I was meaning that's a global rule for every kind of submission. Images too.
So, if written poetry is probably the only kind of art not accepted because we don't have a category for, images are valued by staff if they are good or not for our group (considering also a personal taste about it, of course, so please don't get angry with us if your membership's not accepted, it doesn't mean that you're art is not significant.)
Morphine-Cloud Dec 6, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Impossible to submit.....
everypathtonowhere Dec 6, 2012  Student Photographer
Impossible to submit to Featured...?
We've closed only that folder, to make you submit to the specific category for your work :)
Morphine-Cloud Dec 7, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
All the folders are closed for me.
everypathtonowhere Dec 7, 2012  Student Photographer
It seems so strange for me, are you sure to not have removed yourself by members?
I say this, just because I see that folders are continuously updated by others, so it's so strange..
(2 Replies)
AmmyWongraven Sep 7, 2012   Photographer
Thanks for accepting me :blackrose:
everypathtonowhere Sep 9, 2012  Student Photographer
Welcome! :party:
Have a good work and give your best!
Dylou-Lee Jul 21, 2012

Thanks to accepting me in your group :aww:
everypathtonowhere Jul 28, 2012  Student Photographer
No problem, you're welcome and remind to give your best! :)
Wish you a good work!
Janusart Jun 17, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hello, I a traditional artist, specialised in minimalistic concept art with a very ... unique style ^^. I read the groups definitions and it corresponds to my vision of art. I would love to be able to help and share my opinion over some artworks and get some comments on my artwork as well. If you accept me, I'd be glad to be a contributor even if I'm not sure about the role of a contributor ^^. I hope my gallery contains some significant creations ^^
hello all:)
thankyou for accepting me!
everypathtonowhere Jun 3, 2012  Student Photographer
Welcome here and give always your best :)
Ariasu-Integra May 15, 2012  Student General Artist
Thanks a lot for accept me as member! :rose:
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